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The Chattanooga Coin Club meeting are open again to members and guests.

Meeting Place
The meetings are held at Wallys Restaurant; 6521 Ringgold Rd; East Ridge, TN 37412.

The 50+ year old Chattanooga Coin Club encourages and promotes interest in collecting coins, currency, tokens, medals and other numismatic items. The friendly club members encourage the new collectors, young or mature, to learn the fascinating stories about there favorite collecting specialties.

Members specialize in collecting many different areas from the state quarters, park quarters, 20th century Indian Cents to silver dollars, large and small size US currency, Civil War currency, foreign coins, ancient coins. Get any question answered from what is it worth, is it genuine, why was it issued.

Member of, American Numismatic Association(ANA) #16546, Tennessee Numismatic State Numismatic Society(TSNS) #1, and Georgia Numismatic Association(GNA).

Visitors always welcome!

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